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Turkey Burgers are perfect for expanding your sandwich menu. And they're exactly what your upscale burger-loving customers are craving. Plus, they deliver juicier flavor than typical turkey burgers. Our delicious, easy-to-prepare Turkey Burgers adapt to any flavor profile, making it simple to come up with signature burgers. So go ahead: get creative!

Leaner than beef, available in many sizes and flavors
Ready-to-cook burgers mean less labor and great presentation
Appeal to upscale burger lovers looking to cut fat

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95% of Consumers Eat at Least 1 Sandwich Per Week*

Nearly nine in 10 consumers say they have purchased a sandwich away from home in the past two months.* To get the biggest bite of the sandwich market, it’s critical to feature a variety of turkey sandwiches on your menu. After all, the most successful chains in the industry menu multiple turkey sandwiches and consider them part of their overall success.


Perfect for shaving on the slicer – high yield
Oven prepared
Boneless, skin-on or skinless
Five to seven breast meat pieces in traditional shaped turkey breast
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Excellent texture for carving or the slicer, but not shaved
Oven Prepared, Oven Roasted, Oil Browned, Smoked
Up to three breast lobes hand-aligned in traditional shaped turkey breast
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Superb “Thanksgiving turkey” texture is ideal for carving
Oven Roasted
Boneless, skin-on, naturally browned or smoked
Heart-shaped comprised of whole muscle turkey – no extenders
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* Technomic Sandwich Consumer Trend Report, May 2014


PERDUE® Pre-Sliced Products, including SANDWICH BUILDERS®, bring labor savings and added convenience to the plate. See what you can do with Perdue's convenient pre-sliced meats.

Recloseable slider zipper bag seals in freshness
Shingle-packed in 2-pound packages for ease
of use
Individual packaging keeps unused slices fresh
and safe from cross contamination

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Perfect for any sandwich application
Consistent flavor, so you'll always get the same great taste and quality
Products have no tough chewy silver straps and have a cleaner appearance

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Check out these turkey sandwich recipes for inspiration. Try each recipe collection - Classics, Traditional with a Twist, Exotic and Eclectic, Good and Good for You - and come back often as recipes are updated frequently.


Make sure you have the right tools for the bread. Here you’ll find all of the important sandwich trend information to grow your turkey sandwich business.

Trends & Insights
Customizable Point-of-Sale Materials

Blank canvas for any flavor or ethnic trend
Second fastest growing sandwich category1
69% would order more if it was menued2
Superfood with 8% more protein than chicken or beef
Sandwiches are the most frequently menued entrée3
Americans eat 193 sandwiches a year—4 each week4
48% eat 11 types of sandwiches a month3
40% say premium meats would get them to spend more5
1 NPD CREST, Commercial Restaurant Industry, March 2009 2 Technomic, Center of Plate: Poultry Consumer Trend Report
3 Technomic, Sandwich Consumer Trend Report 4 NPD CREST, Total Sandwiches Excluding Burgers
5 Technomic June 2008 Consumer Survey on price sensitivity