How Do You Plan to Exceed Expectations For Menu Transparency?

Published on: 04/16/2018 in Menu Claims

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While natural and organic labels have long had a place in the grocery channel, most foodservice operators have only recently started to integrate such claims on their menus to satisfy increasing consumer demand.1 It’s no secret that today’s consumers expect transparency and premium attributes. In fact, 86% of consumers would like restaurants to be more transparent about what’s in their food.2

Millennials helped popularize “eating clean” and made feel-good terms such as “natural”, “whole,” and “organic” mainstream and a must-have for menus.3 According to a recent Multi Client Study by Technomic Inc., more than 1 in 5 Top 500 Restaurant Chain Menus offer items described as “natural” or “organic,” and 4 in 5 operators that offer natural and organic menu items say these options have driven sales and traffic.1 With results like that, it is important that you understand the drivers behind the trend and the potential impact on both the industry and your business.1

Consumers are increasingly more conscious of what they eat and the effect food has on their health and the environment. This awareness will continue to influence consumers dining preferences and contribute to the demand for premium menu attributes. According to Technomic, 56% of consumers thought premium poultry should be available at the restaurants they visit. With 63% of consumers willing to pay more for premium poultry, you may have the opportunity to help increase profits while satisfying demand.4 Premium menu claims can also help drive traffic to your establishment and differentiate you from your competitors.4

Demand for organic meat and poultry is arguably the most noteworthy trend among the menu transparency movement, with 40% of meat eaters citing organic as important.5 In fact, consumer demand for organically produced goods has shown double-digit growth in recent years.6

Kick off the New Year right by differentiating your operation with in-demand products that command a premium menu price and potential to help increase profits. Show your customers you care by clearly demonstrating menu transparency and the use of high-quality ingredients like organic and no antibiotics ever proteins. Now’s the time to exceed your patrons’ expectations!

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