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Published on: 11/23/2022 in Featured, All

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While operators weather the current climate of increased food costs, supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, distributors have the opportunity to provide solutions. Perdue Foodservice is your strategic partner in arming operators with what they need to drive much-needed profits in these difficult times of cost challenges.


Labor-saving solutions

Operators are increasingly looking for solutions to the labor shortage. According to 2022 Datassential research, twice as many menu makers plan to transition toward using more pre-made products as those who would lean toward more scratch cooking,1 and 32% of operators stated that fully prepared products are more appealing.1 In addition, many are opting for convenience formats. Over the past six months, 10% of operators have shifted to fully-prepared products.1


Perdue Foodservice offers a variety of fully cooked, high-quality proteins that provide endless time and labor saving menu options. For example, PERDUE® NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER FULLY COOKED GRILL MARKED BONELESS CHICKEN BREAST STRIPS are perfect from salads to sandwiches and can be ready from box to table in minutes. PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® TENDERREADY® NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER, SOUS-VIDE STYLE products, including FULLY COOKED CHICKEN HALVES and FULLY COOKED CHICKEN QUARTERS, are marinated and roasted in a sealed bag to lock in flavor and moisture for exceptional dishes every time, providing convenience and labors savings to a variety of menu items.


Product choice

Offering product choice is key as product shortages are a huge issue for operators. That being said, operators are remaining brand loyal — 59% of operators stated that it’s an inconvenience if our preferred brands or products are not available,1 and 22% stated that they are increasing their reliance on manufacturer brands.1


By partnering with a leading brand in poultry like Perdue Foodservice, you provide that much-needed product choice. Perdue Foodservice offers an unprecedented depth and breadth in its poultry product portfolio by offering different Tiers of Value, giving operators the power of choice when it comes to satisfying their consumers.


Advantage claims

Offering products with quality attributes is increasingly important to operators as they target growing consumer tastes and preferences. PERDUE® NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER, PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® and PERDUE® HARVESTLAND Organic brand products appeal to those health-conscious consumers looking for advantage claims, which is a significant demographic.


In fact, 76% of consumers are more likely to purchase poultry items at foodservice that indicate No Antibiotics Ever.2 The same percentage value clean label poultry with no chemicals/preservatives.2 Seventy-three percent value poultry that is responsibly raised with industry-leading animal care.2 And finally, 56% value poultry that is all vegetarian fed with no animal by-products.2


Operators also place a value on these attributes — a similar percentage are more likely to purchase Clean Label poultry products (70%) and No Antibiotics Ever (69%).2


By offering products with these high quality ingredients, you’ll help operators satisfy customers and drive profits.


Providing multiple solutions to the challenges your operator customers are facing right now can make you stand out from the competition. Perdue Foodservice provides a variety of chicken and turkey products with in-demand, better-for-you claims that deliver quality nutrition, provide labor-savings, and great taste as a foundation for your customer’s premium dishes. Learn more about the Perdue Difference.




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